Data Privacy Protection


Data privacy protection is becoming more and more important in the increasingly technological orientated world. Our in-house computer system is already equipped with an array of functions to protect confidential data. Staff are also trained by senior management to understand the importance of data privacy protection management.



We provide information to our Customers and to our overseas agents and staff members. We try to work with Agents with likeminded attitude to Data Privacy Protection Management such as FIDI Agents.



By accepting our quotation, due to the nature of our industry, our customers are authorising us to use sensitive data in order to carry out and complete the relocation. It is at the consent of the customer to provide additional information that may not strictly be required in the course of the relocation.



We will ask Customers to provide us with confidential information either through e-mail or by personal pick-up.



Staff are trained on the importance of data confidentiality. Use of data, such as passport copy etc. is limited to the purposes of the removal only. All correspondence between staff member on any given file is entered into our move management system for greater transparency.

In the UAE all Files must be retained for a period of 7 years. Information stored on the computer is protected, hard files will be shredded after that period and soft files deleted.



Each staff member has a log in username and pass code to enable access to their own computers. Other staff members will not be able to access their files. The General Manager is able to view all incoming e-mails, in case a staff member is absent and redirect to an appropriate person.



Disclosure to third parties will only be made where the agent or supplier acts as an agent to DASA with similar principles.



In order to protect private data, only the surveyor and coordinator are able to access the file in the computer system corresponding to an individual customer. Other employees will automatically be blocked from access to those files.

Individual coordinators handle specific corporate accounts and only they will have access to those files.

The General Manager and Sales Manager will be able to access all accounts. This way data protection is heightened and access to personal data is limited to only key staff members.

In an effort to become paper free, all communication is attached within the computer system. Therefore the person responsible for the file is able to upload any document and send it to the Corporate Account or private customer on demand.



Data is limited to each file in RedSky, this also provides a system to ensure accurate, complete and relevant personal information is uploaded in the computer in each correct file to increase efficiency and security.



We provide in house training to ensure proper use of RedSky and also to make staff aware of the importance of Data Protection.



Any complaint or escalation regarding data privacy would immediately be communicated by the Move Coordinator to his/her Line Manager. For a serious matter the General Manager would become involved and the case reported to the local authorities such as the Police Force.



We review all aspects of our Quality Manual on an annual basis. There will also be individual meetings and training to ensure that the above procedure is being adhered to.


Data Privacy Protection – last review 26/07/2017